Thuthuzela Initiative

Established in 2005 by Elizabeth Monyela – a selfless woman whose passion for taking care of abandoned and neglected children coupled with the pain of seeing children being neglected in her community – prompted her to establish Thuthuzela, initially just as an orphanage that provided a place of safety for vulnerable children in the Alexandra community. The ages of the children which were cared for at the orphanage, ranged from infants to those of school-going age and providing a place of safety included, amongst other things, creation and provision of meals, basic pre-school education and counselling to these children.

Today, Thuthuzela runs a fully fledged day-care centre, in addition to the continued running of the orphanage. We are currently home to over fifteen children and teenagers who have been removed from parental custody for any number of reasons such as abuse, negligence, rape and abandonment.  Over 40 children from the community attend the day-care centre which provides them all with meals and basic pre-school education to the children living at the orphanage and other young children from the Alexandra community while the older children attend school. With education and counselling being a primary focus area, Thuthuzela also facilitates the transportation of children to schools in surrounding areas with the use of a mini-van generously donated to Thuthuzela in 2013 by one of our supporters.

Thuthuzela is also an active contributor in the community through an outreach program whereby any excess resources and supplies, which are not immediately required by it, are distributed to community organisations and other individuals in need.

Our Team

Ten volunteers contribute to make Thuthuzela a place where the children can feel safe, loved and cared for. Teachers, caregivers, cleaners, a cook and administration personnel work together to make Thuthuzela work despite the daily challenges.  Amongst the staff, only eight are receiving small monthly stipends.

Our Perpetual Challenge

Thuthuzela has plans to expand its operation to assist a greater number of children and to broaden the spectrum of services that it provides to these children and the community in general. In particular, the following future initiatives are envisioned:

  • Professional training and “upskilling” of current staff, including the hiring of additional staff as and when the need arises.
  • The hiring of professional counsellors and psychologists to form part of the full time staff complement.
  • Providing professional career advice, mentorship and life coaching to school-going children.

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