Day-care Center

The Day Care facility is open to children from a few months old to six years of age. Most of these children come from financially disadvantaged families who are busy working to try and support their children and are not able to look after them during the day (and sometimes late into the evening). Our staff are doing their utmost best to give the children a foundation of education and to provide individualised attention particularly to the really young children. There are over forty children, from Marlboro Avenue and Alexandra Township, benefiting from the facility and Thuthuzela’s Early Childhood Development programme. Breakfast, lunch and snacks are provided every day to these children.

The Early Childhood Development programme entails the employment a trained teacher who submits reports which are assessed for proper lesson planning. They are regulated monthly to keep with the expectations of the Early Childhood Development learning programme.

On a yearly basis, the center is preparing for a number of children who will be registering for their first year at school and  up-skilling them to place them on an even footing to other, less disadvantged children attending their first year of school.

Our challenges with the day care are:

  • Some parents do not pay the minimal fees on time and some delay payment which we require to be able to feed and teach the children.
  • Lack of adequate training within the National Department of education Early Childhood Development system.
  • Lack of space to be able to facilitate a toy/place centre and a literature library.
  • Lack of classrooms to be able to facilitate Early Childhood Development lessons.