What is Thuthuzela?

The Thuthuzela Aid Community Center is an orphanage and day-care centre that provides a place of safety for Alexandra’s abandoned, abused and neglected children. The number of abused, needy, disabled and HIV/AIDS infected children in South Africa continues to grow every day. We have the vision to educate, care and develop the children in the center and give them a chance to enhance their future. The Thuthuzela team believe with guidance and some expertise we will be able to reach our goals.

Our Mission

  • To provide shelter and food to neglected and abandoned children within the Alexandra community, who are brought to Thuthuzela for care and safeguarding.
  • To provide a place of safety for vulnerable children in the community, and in particular, those who may be fearful, and face physical or emotional abuse.
  • To help the community by providing day-care facilities to children of working families.
  • To assist with the promotion of community-based projects relating to the empowerment and skills development of members of the Alexandra community.
  • To provide basic, pre-school education to children under school-going age.
  • To provide comfort, support and care to children infected with, and those affected by, HIV/AIDS.

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Bank: ABSA
Branch: Balfour Park 632005
Account Number: 9184795126

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